A Man and His Mother

For years, Tim Green seemed to be living the American dream. A handsome, intelligent honor student, he was also a strapping 6’2″, 250-pound All-American defensive end at Syracuse University, where he led the historically successful football program back to national prominence. On the strength of his stellar college football years, Tim became a coveted first-round draft choice of the Atlanta Falcons, going on to a sensational career in the NFL.

But appearances can be deceiving. There was a void that numerous academic accolades and the adoration of cheering fans could not fill. Though he was raised in a loving and supportive family, Tim, an adopted child, had always longed to find his biological mother. But it was not until the mother of an exgirlfriend confessed to him that she had given up a son—a son who would have been about Tim’s age—that the full weight of what it meant to be adopted came down on him. Tim acutely felt the need to locate his biological mother, to let her know that he was all right—that he was successful and happy. Empathizing with the feelings of loss and regret that a mother who had given up a child must feel, he sought not only to find answers to his own questions but to answer those of his biological mother—a woman who somewhere, sometimes, must have thought of the son she could not keep. Bolstered by the love and support of his adoptive parents, Tim embarked on an odyssey to discover the woman who had given him his life—and then left him before she could become a part of it.

A Man and His Mother is the extraordinary story of one man’s courageous search for the mother he never knew. Expertly written and filled with brilliant insights and heart-wrenching remembrances, as well as gentle humor, it is more than just a compelling look at what it means to be adopted. From Tim’s life as a gangly youngster to competing in the grueling National Football League to having children of his own, this is an impassioned exploration of the special relationship between a man and his mother, and how deeply this relationship affects everything we do in our lives.

Dark Side of the Game

Millions watch it. Billions are spent on it. Yet few fans know what life is really like in the NFL. Now an eight-year veteran of the game and a rising sports media superstar reveals—for the first time—the pathos, the horror, the abuses, and the wonder of the sport they call professional football.

Fame and fortune, satisfaction, and thrills define the dream of playing in the NFL. But there’s a dark side to that dream. And no one knows it better than Tim Green, former defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, a featured color analyst for Fox Sports, and National Public Radio’s weekly NFL commentator.

Unreported things happen during the season when the player is on the field—and on the sidelines and in the locker rooms. Unreported things also happen during the 149 days of the year when the player is not on the field. All of it takes its toll on the human body and spirit. In professional football, there is a price and it must be paid.

Here’s the play-by-play the NFL powers-that-be don’t want you to know:

  • the futility of training camp—and the outrageous lengths players go to get out of it
  • the paradoxes of pain protection—goodbye padding, hello drugs
  • the untold war inside every team between the offensive and defensive squads
  • the truth about groupies and NFL players
  • the thriving perfect partnership between the mob and the NFL
  • what the salary cap really is—and why players hate it
  • the best—and worst—places to play in the NFL
  • the score on racism, AIDS, gambling, steroids, and life after football.

At the same time, you’ll meet the NFL’s most stellar—and most unjustly neglected—personalities. The dazzling Deion Sanders, Steve Young, the game’s most dangerous player. The sport’s most outspoken former coach, Jerry Glanville. Not to mention Green’s unexpected choice for most valuable man in the NFL: strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik.

Most of all, you’ll soar with the spirit that no corruption can ever kill. The spirit that lives in school teams and sandlot games, and inspires kids to get up, over and over again. The spirit that stays with them as they grow to manhood and urges them to success in every field they tackle. The spirit that tells them they can do it, as long as they aren’t afraid to dream.


College football superstar Clay Blackwell is surprised and excited to be picked as a first-round choice by the Birmingham Ruffians, a lackluster expansion franchise team desperate for players just like Clay—and willing to pay millions for them. Humphry Lyles, the owner, is a self-made man obsessed with success, and the $2 million signing bonus he offers Clay is just the start of the Program, his scheme to take the Ruffians from the cellar to the Super Bowl in a single season. The new coaching staff is led by Vance White, who will do anything to win; his brutal training methods make Marine boot camp look like a picnic, and even the most hardened NFL veterans are shocked by the viciousness he encourages. And, more ominous still, the Program includes another ingredient, a dark secret fueling the aggressive fury that means victory in the violent arenas of pro football.

Clay rebels against the sinister demands of the Program, but he signed with the Ruffians to play ball, and the vindictive White has made it unmistakably clear that the price for a position on the starting team is total submission to his soul-killing regimen, which is designed to transform his players into merciless gridiron assassins. Trapped between his conscience and a desire to join his teammates on their steamroller ride to the top, Clay faces a no-win situation. Does he sell his talent to Vance White’s corrupt ambition—or stick to his guns and possibly forfeit everything he loves?

Tim Green captures all of the rich atmosphere of pro football and the colorful characters of the life he knows so well in this hard-hitting, high-tension tale of tragedy, triumph, and total dedication to a sport in which the stakes literally can be a matter of life and death.




Fresh off a championship season, New York Titans’ quarterback Hunter Logan is on the winning streak of his life. But when he places one bet that gets traced by the Mob, ruthless don Tony Rizzo stronger arms him into a point-shaving scheme that will net millions for organized crime.

Now, Hunter is trapped in a no-win situation: if he goes along with the Mob, he’s risking the lives of his wife and young daughter. With the clock running out and the FBI moving in, it’s up to the quarterback to make the call…and all bets are off.

In a dizzying thriller that crosses the finely textured plot of The Firm with the gritty realism of North Dallas Forty, former NFL great Tim Green does it again with a non-stop frenzy of hard-hitting suspense. Like Ruffians, his electrifying debut, Titans tackles football’s most controversial issues head-on, while putting readers close enough to the action to feel every bone-jarring hit.


In the empty, sun-baked landscape of the Texas Panhandle, two cold-eyed renegades exchange briefcases to complete a deadly bargain. In one case, neat stacks of hundred-dollar bills mean a brand new life for a single, vicious man, in the other, a small, silvery object means instant death for innocent millions halfway around the world. To these ruthless predators, Armageddon is just another deal, betrayal and brutal murder are just good business—and as the star defensive back for the Texas Outlaws is about to discover, love is a weakness that can get you killed.

In Ruffians and Titans, NFL insider Tim Green electrified readers and won critical acclaim with his unique blend of gridiron action and no-holds-barred suspense. Now he ups the ante in an intricate, riveting thriller of a sports hero abruptly plunged into a bewildering maze of greed, passion, international intrigue, and sudden, shocking violence.

CODY—for years he’s been the Outlaws’ number-one assassin on the field, wreaking havoc on the opposition with the lethal precision of a professional. When an IRS auditor ends up in the morgue, Cody’s killer instinct takes on a whole new meaning. But is he a hit man … or a fall guy?

JENNY—Cody’s gorgeous, willful wife, has an insatiable appetite for wealth, celebrity, and excitement. She’s sexy, she’s seductive, she’s got big plans … and when she swore to love Cody till death they did part, it seems that’s exactly what she meant.

MADISON—Beautiful and brilliant, Madison is one of Austin’s top defense attorneys. She’s fighting her vengeful husband for custody of her son, she’s fighting to help Cody clear his name … and soon she’ll be fighting for her very life.

STRIKER—A CIA contract agent who doesn’t hesitate to kill in cold blood, Striker stalks a shadowy labyrinth of espionage, treason, and nuclear terrorism. He’s the middleman in an arms deal that means a life of luxury for him … and grisly death for anyone in his way.

From the football field to the criminal courts, from the seedy motels where spies meet secretly, to the lush playgrounds of the privileged and powerful, Outlaws drives forward with all the inexorable momentum and nerve-searing suspense that have made Tim Green one of the hottest players in the thriller game.