Double Reverse

Double Reverse

The New York Times bestselling author and former NFL pro has been hailed by USA Today as a writer who “tackles thrillers with aplomb.” Now Tim Green returns with another tantalizingly spun novel of love, death, and intrigue, bringing back glamorous Madison McCall, who combines cunning and conscience like no other attorney character in fiction today. Clark Cromwell is everybody’s all-American: a fair-haired fullback, a reverent Christian but a tough player. He’s a veritable poster boy for the NFL’s flourishing religious movement. In contrast, Clark’s team mate Trane Jones is the NFL’s worst nightmare: the league’s best running back, but with the personality of Dennis Rodman and the criminal record of a common street thug. Jones and Cromwell share nothing more than the same backfield. Until they share the same woman.

Annie is ravishing and naive, as supple in spirit as she is in form, the answer to Clark Cromwell’s prayers. As Clark oversees her transformation from a disappointed actress into a devout soul mate, their plan for happiness seems perfect. So when Annie inexplicably jumps from his bed to another, no one is surprised when her next resting place is a slab in the morgue.

The murder weapon, a bloody golf club, is traced to Trane Jones, and only a promised favor to the team’s owner can convince Madison McCall to defend the controversial running back. Besides the overwhelming evidence and Trane’s history of violence, the case is clouded by an R-rated sneaker commercial featuring Jones as a misogynist killer. Testing her lifelong belief in the presumption of innocence, Madison digs into the case, only to find the next best suspect is…Clark Cromwell.

Driven by the explosive taboos of race and religion, Double Reverse sprints to a mind-boggling finish that will absolutely blindside Green’s readers. But, after all, that’s what they’ve come to expect.


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