The Letter of the Law

The Letter of the Law

A hunger drives attorney Casey Jordan to be the best—and she has both the brains to pull it off and the looks to close the deal. Her strategy has been to pursue headline-making cases, and so far it’s worked. But the bigger the client, the bigger the risks, and Casey is about to find out how steep the downside can be…

World-famous criminal law professor Eric Lipton has been accused in the murder of his once beautiful, now mutilated, young student. To the shock of everyone, he’s caught on his way to the airport with the dead woman’s bloody underwear in his possession. Then Lipton chooses one of his most promising and ambitions former law students, Casey Jordan, to represent him. Her erstwhile mentor is convinced Casey can work her magic in the courtroom: introduce a surprise element that will inject enough doubt into the minds of the jurors to get an acquittal. For Casey, this stellar case is a dream come true. Not only does she still admire Professor Lipton’s extraordinary knowledge of the law, but she feels honored that he would ask her to defend his innocence.

Yet this is a case unlike any Casey has ever faced. Somewhere between her legal maneuvers and the letter of the law, a terrible reversal will take place. For the first time in her career, Casey will find herself torn between her sworn duty as a legal advocate and her desire to see true justice served. Then, just when she is tempted to use her privileged information to discover the truth, more bodies turn up—and Casey Jordan realizes hers could be next.

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