The Red Zone

The Red Zone

New York Times bestselling author and former NFL pro Tim Green has delighted legions of fans with his astonishing leap to literary stardom. Here Green offers a dark, superbly crafted story of murder in the spotlight and intrigue in the shadows—and a shocking ending that knocks the wind out of you.

When Evan Chase, the owner of an NFL team, turns up facedown in the coastal waters near his oceanfront mansion, there is no want of suspects. First, there’s the ambitious business partner who’s eager to relocate Chase’s team to another city in exchange for millions. Then there’s Chase’s beautiful and willful young wife, who stands to inherit his fortune. Even more intriguing to the media and the police is Luther Zorn—the team’s vicious linebacker who just happens to be embroiled in a torrid affair with the dead owner’s wife.

Top-notch defense attorney Madison McCall agrees to represent Zorn in what first appears to be an open-and-shut case. But even the brilliant young lawyer could never envision the labyrinth of high-stakes corruption and maniacal blood lust—especially when three grisly murders are surprisingly linked to her client.

The Red Zone is a place chilling in mood, compelling in characters, and gripping in suspense—the tour de force of an ingenious storyteller.

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