Fresh off a championship season, New York Titans’ quarterback Hunter Logan is on the winning streak of his life. But when he places one bet that gets traced by the Mob, ruthless don Tony Rizzo stronger arms him into a point-shaving scheme that will net millions for organized crime.

Now, Hunter is trapped in a no-win situation: if he goes along with the Mob, he’s risking the lives of his wife and young daughter. With the clock running out and the FBI moving in, it’s up to the quarterback to make the call…and all bets are off.

In a dizzying thriller that crosses the finely textured plot of The Firm with the gritty realism of North Dallas Forty, former NFL great Tim Green does it again with a non-stop frenzy of hard-hitting suspense. Like Ruffians, his electrifying debut, Titans tackles football’s most controversial issues head-on, while putting readers close enough to the action to feel every bone-jarring hit.

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