Football star wants to instill an early love of reading

Hearing the name “Tim Green” often calls to mind images of a football player, either as the young athletic star of the Syracuse University team, or in his follow up career with the Atlanta Falcons. Green’s athletic history is so well known that even when he began publishing books sports writers would be quick to cover them.

And while Green’s history in football and his passion for a wide range of sports informs much of his style, even telling kids that “reading is weightlifting for the brain”, his passions off the field are nothing short of inspiring. While becoming an All-American player at Syracuse University, he was also working hard on his English degree. While playing for the Falcons he was also studying to become a lawyer. Even before retiring from the Falcons, Green became a lawyer and a published author, a feat of endurance even for those not training for professional sports.

Living in the Upstate New York area with his wife and five children, Green has made childhood literacy his primary passion, having now written seventeen sports-themed books for children, including his newest March publication “Home Run”. Green travels the country to promote his books, having already visited 800 schools to share his stories and to encourage students to feel that academic achievements can help create better athletes. Green has a full tour lined up for his newest book, visiting locations like Chicago, Boston, Charlotte, and many more.

Any school that is looking to have Green come speak can learn more about how to do so by visiting Green’s website. Green also uses the proceeds from his speaking engagements in order to purchase books for students who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

“Home Run” follows a young man named Josh who is forced to adapt to changes in his personal life and the repercussions those changes have on his athletic life. Faced with a new baseball coach in place of his father, and a difficult goal of meeting a home run challenge that could give him a prize that would improve his family’s life, Josh turns to his friends to rise to the challenge.
“Home Run” is the fourth book in the “Baseball Great” series and a timely read for middle grade students as we enter into baseball season.

“Home Run” and all of Green’s books, including those that he has written for adults are available on and Barnes and Also be sure to check your local independent bookstores and school libraries. Learn more about all of Green’s titles and his outreach programs by visiting his website.

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