Force Out is an Iowa Children’s Choice Nominee 2015-2016

Iowa Children’s Choice Award: Grades 3-6

  • The purpose of the Iowa Children’s Choice Award is:
  • To encourage children to read more and better books.
  • To provide an avenue for positive dialogue between teachers, parents, and children about books and authors.
  • To give recognition to those who write books for children.

The Iowa book awards are unique in that they give children an opportunity to choose the book to receive the award and to suggest books for the yearly reading list.

In the spring, 3rd through 6th grade students across Iowa take part in the nomination of books for the Iowa Children’s Choice Award.  The nominations may come exclusively from these students so that it is ensured that these are the favorites of students in this age group. Nominations are not allowed from authors or publishers. After the suggestions are submitted, these books are reviewed by the committee and volunteer readers and the list is narrowed.  During the summer, the adult readers read and rate the titles.  The committee members finalize the list a year ahead of time.

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